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The Bangernomics Bible, available as a good old fashioned book with paper pages in it, or even a super futuristic EBook on which you can read on any electronic device that can deal with a PDF, which is just about everything.

Bangernomics Bible Ebook


This is the all new Bangernomics Book which is future proof and universe friendly. That means it won’t date ever even if you buy a hover bike or whatever is the latest thing in 2059 and wherever you are in the world it just contains the common sense advice you need to buy a decent secondhand car. I no longer sell this direct.

Bangernomics Bible PDF £1.97

If you want a thoroughly modern PDF that you can read on a computer or any device that can read PDFs then simply click on the button below and I will email you a link to the PDF very quickly by return. 

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Bangernomics Bits and Bobs PDF £0.99p

Here is a collection of Bangernomics features explaining what Bangernomics is all about, with articles from Autocar, The Independent and some never before published stories and pictures of Bangers including Princess Diana's Ford Escort and Prince Charle's rather scrappy MGC plus sexy shots of a Morris Marinas, Itals, Allegros and all sorts of brilliant bangers. There is also a brief A to B to Z of about 300 Bangers. There are almost a 100 pages of Bangernomic treats often in full colour. It's a PDF that you can read on a computer or any device that can read PDFs then simply click on the button below and I will email you a PDF very quickly by return. It is 3.6 MB in size and it costs a measley 99p.

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Here are some of the nice things that have been said about the Bangernomics Bible.

Save money buy a banger - Bangernomics Bible: Buy and Run a Car for Less which sets out the case for why we should all be driving old rather than new. The Independent on Sunday

What it does do, though, in great clarity (and rather amusingly) is guide you through the processes step-by-step in such a way that buying that banger becomes a clear process indeed. Keith Adams Austin Rover Online 

It’s been a long time since we’ve read something so unpretentious - there’s no doubting that James Ruppert is a master at teaching people to buy, run and sell cars cost effectively. Car Mechanics

Witty Book full of sound advice about buying a cheap safe and reliable runabout. Classics Monthly

Bangernomics could save you a small fortune Irish Independent

In his book he outlines how anyone can buy reliable cars - like old Golfs - for next to nothing and run them for a couple of trouble-free years. Used Car Expert


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